He had a mysterious air
A distant allure
Yet his presence filled the room
His laugh captivated
But it was his smoldering gray eyes
Which burned
Into the hidden recesses of my soul
I was stripped
Dazed, exposed, defenseless, helpless, vulnerable
Swept into strange currents from unknown longings
Floating on waves of ecstasy

A summer breeze ruffled his sun streaked hair
In the fading glow of the twilight
I had been waiting for this moment
The magic transformation of my
Drab and dreary life
The polished marble floor
The scent of roses
The canopied bed
The pounding surf
I felt the heat of his desire
I no longer resisted,
Could no longer resist
As I walked into his arms I felt my
Transformed into reality

I said it,
Shakily, softly
And was kissed
A ravenous kiss
It stole my breath
Drove me mad with passion
Harsh dark passion
Bold sensuous passion
Demanding, insistent
But gentle

Imposing – Overwhelming

My last fragile threads of resistance
I was overcome by
Long forgotten desires
I was possessed by
His tormenting needs
I abandoned myself to
His devouring