You loose lots of weight. With a little help from master card you get a new wardrobe. You go to the gym twice a week and get into shape. Suddenly you feel sexy even pretty. You develop a fondness for singles bars. Men discover you, come on to you. At the office, where you always used to feel so ignored, passed over, the big blob reject in the corner, now all the men stop by to chat with you. You never had choices, now you can’t choose between them all. You sleep around. You start some trouble in a few marriages. You develop a fondness for married men. Why not, you always wondered what the wives had that you didn’t. Now the wives can wonder about what you have that they don’t. You realize other woman have started calling you things besides round and sweet. But now they’re the one’s that are jealous. They’re the ones left at home, feeling old and used up, fat dumb useless.