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Lotion #1 - Pageants Spring 2015 cover


Lotion is a mooreartpress209 magazine, coming out (mostly) quarterly. It was launched in Spring 2015.
Lotion uses the format afforded by a magazine to create visual essays through the juxtaposition of disparate imagery. The idea is a flirtation with building meanings and social critique, without ever landing any specific meaning. Lotion won’t engage answers but it will suggest the problems. Each issue will have a loose theme (see below).

All issues to date have been created and edited by Pam Butler using her own drawings, paintings and photographs (with a few found images thrown in for good luck). Later issues will be done in collaboration with other artists (stay tuned).

Issue 1 – Pageants Spring 2015 (46 pages)
Uses photographs Butler made on visits to two different Miss America and a Miss New York State pageant. Interwoven with these images are images which give a since of the world and in particular of America glossed with an artificial reality behind which we are all rather lost, conned, and confused.

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Lotion #2 back cover