Dear Janelle, Helene & Tom,
I am writing  to you to make a confession of a theft.
For a brief period of time when working for you I regularly stole gallery envelopes.  Some blank (out and out stole) and some with collectors names on them (those mistakenly put in the printer upside down which would otherwise have been thrown away – not quite theft).  Likely not more than 100 envelopes total – really not a big theft, but still stealing – I suppose.
But I did, really, have a reason for appropriating this gallery property. At the time I was also working at a couple of other galleries, and, unlike at Metro where you always kept me pretty busy on the days I was there, these galleries would often leave me waiting for information, holding up my work flow.  I’d pass that time doodling on bits of gallery notecards , etc., which I’d find laying around on whatever desk I was using. It occurred to me to try to turn this doodling into a little project. To that end I’d occasionally take these doodles back to my studio along with blank gallery envelops and notecards. Although I had no “made at work” doodles from Metro I didn’t want to exclude Metro Pictures from my project, hence my brief period of envelope stealing. In the end, however, this project didn’t translate from mindless doodles at work to an interesting studio project and I set the envelopes aside.
Years later during a studio renovation I found this pile of Metro Pictures envelopes and was about to toss them when I got an idea. This time the idea actually remained interesting enough through the process of making that I completed it. I thought you might be interested to see some pictures of this project made from your gallery’s stolen property (I am sure the statute of limitations has passed) and that you might also find it in your hearts to forgive me.
All my very best

Hi Pam,

The police have been called so you’ll probably be arrested by the end of the day.

If you need a good lawyer let me know.



But my lawyer told me the statue of limitations had run out and I should be free and clear. Well if he was wrong I probably will be needing a new lawyer

Ha!  Just like orange is the new black!

They look great.  Congrats.  


Dear Pam,

Excellent use of the envelopes.  I enjoyed seeing the project and also enjoyed the confession and you are entirely forgiven.